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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a creative agency, we have a high ambition to be a sustainable company.

SKIPP Creative Video Agency has been a partner of MVO Nederland for years. Our company makes conscious choices to achieve a balance between People, Planet and Profit. We focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation with benefits for people, society and the environment. Now and in the future.

We also continually look at how we can improve our own way of working. We make our ecological footprint as small as possible. Make diversity a priority. And we drive innovation through our own organization. 

Our contribution:

Our office:
Our office is completely CO2 neutral and has Energy Label A, furnished with sustainable (often circular) products.

Diversity in the workplace: When hiring new colleagues, we consciously pay attention to diversity and inclusion. Ultimately, we want to grow into an organization that is a balanced reflection of our society. 

We encourage employees to travel by bicycle or public transport.

Chain responsibility: in our purchasing and tendering processes, social criteria, such as diversity and inclusion, and environmental criteria are taken into account in the selection of suppliers. We do this during annual supplier assessments, which are part of our ISO 9001 management system. We have, among other things, an internal code of conduct, whistleblowing regulations, privacy policy and ancillary functions regulations.

SKIPP is ISO 9001 certified, which means that all these processes are included in our management system and are tested externally every year. 

Our fleet:
Almost 85% of our fleet consists of fully electric cars. Naturally, these are only charged with green electricity from renewable energy sources.
The CO2 emissions of our other vehicles and the air travel we make annually are directly compensated.

Social return:
Due to the film recordings we make all over the world, we are often confronted with the major differences compared to our own existence.

Healthy Malawi
The living conditions of children in particular, many of whom are homeless, affect us enormously. Since 2007 we have adopted a number of children through the Healthy Malawi Foundation, a small organization set up by the Dutch Sandra Verbaan. This special woman has been working selflessly in Malawi for years and cares for helpless children. Through adoption and sponsorship she has set up a number of projects that can actually improve the quality of life of these helpless children. 

But we also support a number of selected charities in the Netherlands, including the important Cancer Research in the Amsterdam Cancer Center of the VU Medical Center, for which we selflessly produced a mini documentary to underline the importance of cancer research. In the near future we will make more productions for the VU Medical Center for the benefit of cancer research.

Metakids, an organization that helps children with a horrible metabolic disease and who often do not grow old. We selflessly made a number of videos for Metakids and worked on a large outdoor campaign that was visible throughout the Netherlands. 

SBB Approved Training Company
SKIPP has been an SBB recognized training company for years. Every year we train several people and help them prepare for the labor market and develop in our great profession. 

Fossil, no deal!
At SKIPP we have joined the “Fossil, no deal” initiative. This fits perfectly with our long-term ambition to be socially responsible.

This means that we have decided to no longer be involved in campaigns or productions aimed at fossil passenger transport or the fossil industry. We say no to assignments that are directly related to oil drilling.

On the other hand, we are open to collaborations that are aimed at accelerating sustainability and creating a safe, social and healthy world. In other words, at SKIPP we strive to have a positive impact on brands, products and organizations that also strive for a healthier world.  

Why are we doing this? Not for the name or fame, but simply because it feels good, motivates us extra, makes us proud and we like to contribute to a better world. 

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