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Hi, we are SKIPP 
Creative Video Agency

Hi, we are SKIPP

Better ranking in Google, more awareness with your target audience, or increase the conversion on your website. All goals for which video marketing helps.

SKIPP is a full-service creative agency for making videos in the broadest sense of the word. From animation videos to corporate videos and from commercials to campaign videos.

SKIPP powerfully visualizes your story, and we bring your video to the attention of your target audience.

Meet the SKIPP'ers

SKIPP is one big creative family. With a group of creative experts in video, animation strategy, branding, online marketing, and positioning, we bring stories to life.

Meet the SKIPP'ers

SKIPP is one big creative family. With a group of creative experts in video, animation strategy, branding, online marketing, and positioning, we bring stories to life.


Would you like to know more about our working method?

Please, do not hesitate to contact us!iconen afspraak

Creators and makers for great clients

We have been doing this since 2005. With a lot of fun! And success.

We have a list of great clients from SMEs, market leaders, and great brands.

Take ABN Amro, Yamaha, Nationale Nederlanden, Shell and the NS. We love challenges. Come up with a difficult product, and we'll give you an engaging video with a straightforward story in return.

Especially when we can go our own way. That's when making a video is the most fun. And that's how we get the best out of our work and your story.

This is how we work:

Stap 1: Research

We'll send you some homework questions. Think about: "What examples of other videos appeal to you?", "What will be the video style?" and "What are the creative requirements?". Your answers will form the basis for the script.

Stap 2: Strategy & Concept Development

With your input, we will create the strategy and concept for your video. We look closely at the target audience and in which phase of the customer journey the viewer is. These elements form the basis of the storyline.

Stap 3: Storyline

We develop our creative ideas into a script. We do this in co-creation with you. Ultimately, you are the one with the most knowledge of your product and target group. And you are the one we deliver the video to. So it's essential that you're happy with it!

Stap 4: Storyboard

Does the script make you smile? Then we'll work it out in a storyboard. We'll incorporate your input from the briefing and the style guide you provided. This way, we incorporate your brand identity into the video, and it becomes recognizable for the viewer.

Stap 5: Production

Storyboard ready, let's produce! Depending on your video, we come to film on location or put together a nice animation. We do this in our studio. Of course, we'll update you on the progress and show you parts of the video.

Stap 6: Activation

Once you have approved the video, we will deliver a final version in any format you want. So you can distribute it on any platform. We can also do that for you. With 30 online marketing specialists, we make sure your video gets the attention of your target audience.

Stap 7: Check & Improve

Your video is running on the channels where your target audience can be found. Great, but what results does it deliver? We evaluate this after several weeks. We analyze the reactions to the video, the ROI of the video, and how we can optimize the results.

Working from the Houthavens

We are proud of our beautiful office in the Houthavens. Which we share with online marketing agency Whello, BureauTekst, and our labels Shootz and Livestream Solutions.

Together we form one label. So you always have the best of 3 worlds: text, image, and visibility. This ensures that clients can grow optimally.

Our partners and friends

From healthcare to IT or marketing agency: we work for all kinds of different brands. These are some of our clients we often work for. 

We would love to help you develop unique, engaging brand content in the form of video and animation that increases awareness, creates support, and positions your brand successfully.

Don't be shy, say hi!

I'd love to help you out!
Robin Gatsonides
Creative Lead

Moermanskkade 301
1013 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)88 141 14 14
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