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Diversity & Inclusion policy
SKIPP Creative Video Agency

December 4 2023

At SKIPP we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion as driving forces for innovation, growth and positive change. We are committed to creating a work environment where every individual voice is heard and respected, regardless of their background, identity or experience. This Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) policy highlights our commitment to advancing equal opportunity and building a diverse and inclusive organization.

1. Equal Opportunities: We strive for fair and equal opportunities for all our employees, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or other personal characteristics. This includes:

  • Hiring, promoting and rewarding employees based on their performance and skills, without any form of discrimination.
  • Ensuring fair distribution of responsibilities, opportunities for professional development and access to leadership positions for all employees.

2. Inclusive Culture: We strive for an inclusive culture in which every employee feels welcome, valued and heard. This includes:

  • Creating a safe environment in which employees feel free to express their opinions and share ideas.
  • Encouraging open communication and respect for different perspectives.
  • Providing training and awareness programs to raise awareness and break stereotypes.

3. Recruitment and Diversity: We are committed to diversity when hiring new employees and building a diverse team. This includes:

  • Actively searching for candidates from diverse backgrounds and ensuring a fair and unbiased selection procedure.
  • Promoting a diverse range of applicants through inclusive vacancy texts and recruitment channels.

4. Training and Development: We are committed to the professional growth of all our employees through inclusive training and development opportunities. This includes:

  • Offering training and workshops on topics such as diversity, inclusion and intercultural communication.
  • Encouraging mentoring and coaching programs to support the growth of all employees.

5. Collaboration with Partners: We are committed to working with partners and suppliers who also strive for diversity and inclusion. This includes:

  • Selecting partners and suppliers who share the same values ​​of diversity and inclusion.
  • Promoting inclusive partnerships to jointly generate positive impact.

This D&I policy is a dynamic document that will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that we continually strive for an inclusive and diverse work environment. We invite all employees to participate in promoting diversity and inclusion and contributing to a culture of respect, understanding and collaboration.

Name: Leon Toeset
Position: Creative Director

Signed on behalf of SKIPP Creative Video Agency

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