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You can achieve your marketing goals with online video production.
SKIPP will gladly help you create a commercial, a corporate video, and more.

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Generating impact with a video production

Companies are increasingly recognizing that you can achieve your marketing goals well using film production and video marketing.

With video production, you quickly reach a large audience and address your target group in every customer journey phase.

Creative Video Agency SKIPP brings your story inspiring and influential in images.


Our various video productions:

Corporate video

Your organization is excellent, and you want to show that to the rest of the world. With a corporate film, you show in the best way who you are, what you do, and especially why. At SKIPP, we visualize your corporate identity.

Recruitment video

With a recruitment video, you immediately give potential new employees a glimpse of your office, the function, and new colleagues. Effective because images say more than a thousand words.

Interactive video

In an interactive video, the viewer can click into your video and decide how the video will proceed. How cool is that? This makes a video even more dynamic, and it will be watched longer.


An after movie is the best way to promote a party or event. It is one of the most popular forms of video content on social media.

Social media video

With a social media video, your target audience gets to know your company. You show exactly what your company stands for. A video holds their attention longer. It is even the most popular form of content.

Campagne video

A campaign video is suitable for every phase of the customer journey. It conveys the idea of your company or your new product so that people will quickly click through to your website.

Product video

A product video is indispensable for webshops. Buyers feel more connected to your product. A product video brings your product to life. This results in more purchases.

Promotion video

Getting your message across and making an accurate impression? You can do that with a promotional film. Whether it's a new product or service that you want to promote. A promotional film works.

Company journal

With a company journal, you give a business card to your customers, employees, and prospects. A dynamic business card, that is. Get your message across in a unique way.


Your customers are your best salesmen. With a testimonial video, we let your customers tell their stories about your products or services. That inspires confidence.

Drone video

With a drone, anything is possible. The images are shot from a bird's eye view, giving an extra dimension to photos and productions. A unique video is guaranteed.


With a commercial, we plant your product, brand, or service in the memory of your target group in no more than 1 minute. The video is all about convincing them to buy. A commercial always touches an audience.


With a webcast or webinar, you teach a sizeable online audience about your service or product. This technique has a proven appeal to viewers.


With a good voice-over, you reinforce the images in video production and give the message even more meaning. Together with our copywriters, we write a catchy script for you.

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This is why our customers choose SKIPP

Goal oriented

We deliver strong storytelling content and strategy. On schedule and within budget. The goal is to make it feasible and manageable.


We think along with you. We move with you. From your marketing strategy with always one eye on the ball.


SKIPP offers storytelling films, animations, design and extensive expertise in strategy and online marketing.

From strategy to concept

As a creative agency, a video campaign goes much further than just the video. We first delve into your business.

During a conversation, you tell us what you stand for and what you want to achieve with the video. Then we come up with a strategy with clear goals.

This way, we know exactly where we are working towards. Then we make a concept for your video, which we spar about together.


SKIPP is a full-service Creative Video Agency. Since 2005 we've been moving marketing for SMEs, market leaders, and great brands. Not for the name and fame, but because we understand each other and take it to the next level.

Our clients challenge us and give us room to excel. And we go further than any other agency to provide them with a result they can be proud of.

Our passion is storytelling, and believes it all starts with great creative content. Creating added value is what drives our team. We're creators and makers.

Our partners and friends

From healthcare to IT or marketing agency: we work for all kinds of different brands. These are some of our clients we often work for. 

What our happy customers have to say

Our customers rate SKIPP on average with a 4,8 / 5  

Our partners are not only brands big and small, but they all have the goal to connect with their target audience and get a high return on their investment in video.

Rose Mensink

Director EMEA Marketing / EnterpriseDB

5 star logo

“On time delivery, messaging skills, great visual output, great collaboration, hands-on mentality, quick turnaround, that’s what the guys from SKIPP bring to our rapidly expanding global business.”

Danny de Gier

Head of Marketing Western Europe / Willis Towers Watson

5 star logo

"What characterizes SKIPP is the agility and the commitment to do good work.

Acting quickly and responding to our wishes, which is also reflected in the quality!”

Robert Keller

Global Managing Director / Transus EDI

5 star logo

“What stays with me is the feeling that a real effort was made to delve into our business.

And that the ideas that were subsequently written were completely in line. That worked very clearly and led to a really good end product.”

We would love to help you develop unique, engaging brand content in the form of video and animation that increases awareness, creates support, and positions your brand successfully.

Don't be shy, say hi!

I'd love to help you out!
Robin Gatsonides
Creative Lead

Moermanskkade 301
1013 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)88 141 14 14
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