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Drone video

Are you looking for a unique video concept? Have a drone film made! A drone video works for any purpose. SKIPP is happy to help you with this.

Have a drone film made and blow your viewers away

With a drone film you give your viewers a bird's eye view of your company, your event or product.

This produces stunning shots. A drone gives an extra dimension to images and productions, resulting in beautiful videos. At SKIPP we have certified drone pilots in-house to deliver a unique video.

This is why customers choose SKIPP
Creative Video Agency Amsterdam

Goal Oriented

We deliver strong storytelling content and strategy. Within schedule and within budget. The goal is to make it feasible and manageable.


We think along with you. We move along. From your marketing strategy with always one eye on the ball.


SKIPP offers storytelling films, animations, design and extensive expertise in strategy and online marketing.

Custom Made

We work closely with clients to ensure that their videos and animations are tailor-made for their specific purposes.

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Leon Toeset
Strategist / Concept development

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Discover the Added Value of Drone Images in Your Video Production!

Drones offer a unique perspective that was previously only possible with expensive helicopters. They add a new dimension to your videos and open the door to unthinkable creative possibilities.

Take breathtaking aerial shots that bring your story to life and give your productions a spectacular and professional look. Drones captivate and captivate viewers, making your message impressive with lasting impact.

Effortlessly capture vast landscapes, cityscapes and other environments, making your videos more visually immersive and making audiences feel part of the experience.

In addition, drone images emphasize the scale and scope of projects, such as infrastructure, events and business premises.

Discover the added value of drone images

They increase your company or brand's visibility in search results because search engines value unique and engaging video content.

Discover the underestimated added value of drone images and give your video productions the boost they deserve! What are you waiting for?


What are the benefits of using drone video images in a video production?

Drone video footage can give your videos a unique and dynamic perspective. They can also be used to capture large areas that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to film.

Moreover, drone video images give your videos a professional look.

What are the costs of using drone video images in a video production?

The costs of using drone video images in a video production vary depending on the drone, the camera and the place where we are going to film.

If we have to film within a no-fly zone (near an airport), we must apply for a permit and be in direct contact with the control tower. That is all possible, but it costs a little more. In general, however, drone video images are relatively affordable and range between 500 and 2.000 euros depending on the location. 

Do you make drone videos yourself?

Yes, we do that ourselves. We employ certified drone pilots who are allowed to fly in Europe in 80% of the cases. In special cases such as no-fly zones, we work with a permanent partner who assists us.

Why should I choose SKIPP?

At SKIPP we have already delivered more than 2500 successful productions. We work from strategy & concept to creation. This ensures that we do not make videos that are a dime a dozen, but that each video has its own unique properties that match your objectives and positioning. That is why our kick-off is essential and we do not just come and shoot nice images.

Want to have a drone video made? This is how we work:

Have a product video made.

If you have a drone video made at SKIPP, you will get much more than just a video. We not only delve into the technical aspects, but also into your company and brand.

Before we start working for you, we want to know exactly what your company stands for and what your message is, your objective, where are you going to use the video? We then discuss a strategy and concept together, after which we translate it into creation. This way you are assured of a high-scoring drone video. 

We involve you in the entire process, including the recording or creation of the drone video. This is the only way we can achieve the best results.

Do you want to get the most out of your drone video? Let our specialists think about your marketing strategy and optimization of your product pages.

Our partners and friends

From healthcare to IT or consulting agency: every brand can score with our videos. These are some of our clients that we often work for.

Beautiful brands have their say:

  • EDB postgres testimonial corporate video

    Rose Mensink

    Director EMEA Marketing / EnterpriseDB

    “On time delivery, messaging skills, great visual output, great collaboration, hands-on mentality, quick turnaround, that's what the guys from SKIPP bring to our rapidly expanding global business.”

  • Willis Towers Watson testimonial corporate video

    Danny de Gier

    Head of Marketing Western Europe / Willis Towers Watson

    “What characterizes SKIPP is its agility and commitment to doing good work.

    Act quickly and respond to our wishes, which is also reflected in the quality!”

  • Willis Towers Watson testimonial corporate video

    Robert Keller

    Global Managing Director / Transus EDI

    “What stays with me is the feeling that real effort was made to delve deeper into our business.

    And that the ideas that were subsequently written out were completely in line. That clearly worked and led to a really good end product.”

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