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Our team of specialists

In a world full of visual noise, our team produces clear and meaningful content that not only helps brands grow, but also strengthens the emotional connections between brands and their audiences.

SKIPP is a Whello Group company

Within the Whello Group, a collective of creative labels for enterprising Netherlands, SKIPP is a shining example of effective growth. Together with the Whello Group labels, including Branding a Better World, Whello Digital Marketing Agency, BureauTekst, and Livestream Solutions, we form a powerful alliance of various disciplines.

Together with our partners in the Whello Group, we are committed to shaping a better world through brand impact.

Whether it concerns reinforcing your story, brand or product through Whello Digital Agency, positioning your brand sustainably through Branding a Better World, developing the right brand language with the texts BureauTekst, creating unforgettable live experiences with Livestream Solutions , or exploring new heights in visual creativity with SKIPP Creative Video Agency, we are here to fuel the growth of beautiful brands. Discover the unique strength of our group and grow your brand with Whello Group.

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Lieke Switzner
Video strategist

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